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Starts With A Bang! is a blog/video blog about cosmology, physics, astronomy, and anything else I find interesting enough to write about. I am a firm believer that the highest good in life is learning, and the greatest evil is willful ignorance. The goal of everything on this site is to help inform you about our world, how we came to be here, and to understand how it all works. As I write these pages for you, I hope to not only explain to you what we know, think, and believe, but how we know it, and why we draw the conclusions we do. It is my hope that you find this interesting, informative, and accessible.

I’m pretty easy to reach if you have any questions, and I encourage and welcome them. Comments are always welcome and I will try my best to answer any and all inquiries that I receive. Ethan as Captain Morgan Also, if you’re wondering about the background image, it is the first compelling, empirical illustration that dark matter, and not modified gravity, is most likely responsible for much of the bizarreness in galaxies and galaxy clusters.

This site works best if viewed in either Firefox or Safari; Internet Explorer and Opera are poor at handling my floating columns. Check out the other pages on the site by clicking on the various tabs, and find out what’s going on. The blog is updated 5-6 days a week most weeks, and I invite you to not only read it, but to add comments and send feedback. If there are any topics or questions that you would like to see addressed, feel free to email them to me, and I will post on the best ones. If not, you’ll be SWAB-bin’ the deck, because I have the knowledge, the information, and the curiosity, and that’s what I call real ultimate power!


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