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Carnival of Space #43: Oscar Edition

February 27, 2008 on 9:36 pm | In Astronomy, Blog info, Scientific papers |

It’s been a spectacular week for the film space industry, and here at Starts With A Bang!, we’ve got the recap of all the highlights that you may have missed while watching the countless Oscar montages. Take your time browsing and enjoying this site, and maybe even find out what the question is if 42 is the answer! And now, without further ado, here are the winners from the 43rd Carnival of Space, as chosen by Ethan Siegel, your magnanimous host of this week’s Carnival (and check out all previous carnivals here):

Made it this far? Take a good look around the site and enjoy! Have any questions about astronomy/physics/cosmology? Drop me a line and check back; it’s your good questions that keep me writing. Thanks for visiting this week’s Carnival of Space! Did you like it? Digg it!


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  1. […] Carnival of Space #43 is out in the wild, hosted this week by Stars with a Bang! and Oscar-themed. I have won Best Animated Feature. [Link] […]

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  2. Carnival of Space no. 43…

    The latest Carnival of Space (no.43!) is up and running (with a special Oscars┬« theme) over at Starts With A Bang. I promised not to cry…sniffle…

    Trackback by Will Gater's science writing and astronomy — February 28, 2008 #

  3. […] the Carnival of Space each week. So here’s the Carnival Oscars Digg submission. Get digging!read more | digg […]

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  4. We need to start digging the Carnival each week: here’s the link:

    Comment by Robert Simpson — February 28, 2008 #

  5. […] week, the Carnival of Space is being hosted at Starts With A Bang.┬á Ethan Siegal has written it in the fashion of an award show format, with the Oscar’s […]

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  6. thanks for the astronomy oscar, meatwad! it cracked me up when i read your appalachian trail name in your bio, because my moniker, astropixie, was derived from my given trail name: pixie!

    Comment by astropixie — February 28, 2008 #

  7. I humbly accept this Oscar on behalf of The Great Shatner. Thank you love, thank you life….

    It’s true, there are angels on the internet!

    Comment by Stu — February 28, 2008 #

  8. Astropixie,

    When you take five raw turkeys, carve them up yourself, marinate, and dehydrate them, and then you’re hiking along the trail with plastic bags full of… wads of meat… there’s really only one appropriate name for you. How’d you get pixie?

    And Stu,

    Thank you for not breaking into Mr. Tambourine man!

    Comment by ethan — February 28, 2008 #

  9. […] latest edition of the Carnival of Space has been posted at Starts With A Bang. […]

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  10. […] of Space #43 Posted by catholicsensibility under Astronomy, The Blogosphere   … is up and running with lots of entries. I didn’t have time to put something together this week. My first carnival experience was a […]

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  11. Hey great idea for digging the Carnival. And I surely hope that Spaceport America isn’t science fiction, but I suppose that you are right in saying that no one really knows. Only time will tell.

    The Fool

    Comment by The Fool — February 28, 2008 #

  12. […] Starts with a Bang!, who brings us a stellar collection of trophies for the space blog community in this week’s Carnival! […]

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  13. The fool, commercial spaceflight would be awesome; I know I and most people I’m friends with would love to go! And then, of course, you could go to your very own space rental home!

    Comment by ethan — February 28, 2008 #

  14. how come Starr the astronomers page at http://asktheastronomer@ is never mentioned ?? It’s a great blog!!!!!!

    Comment by Dane — February 28, 2008 #

  15. I love AskTheAstronomers page

    Comment by Cherry — February 28, 2008 #

  16. […] Carnival of Space 43 this week is Oscar-themed and hosted by Ethan Siegel of Starts With A Bang. Just to clarify though, the Communicating Astronomy with the Public Journal isn’t a production of the Lunar and Planetary Institute but the International Astronomical Union. […]

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  17. […] this week Starts With a Bang hosts the Oscar-themed Carnival of Space #43, with awards for Stellar Breakthrough Performance, Biggest Burst, Best Broadcast and many others, […]

    Pingback by   Carnival of carnivals by Astronomy Down Under — February 29, 2008 #

  18. Dane, Cherry, it’s because I don’t know Starr or her blog! But thanks for pointing it out to me; I will add a link to my blogroll! After all, if my readers are interested in it, I should definitely have a link there!

    Comment by ethan — February 29, 2008 #

  19. […] week’s Oscar themed Space Carnival is over on Starts with a Bang. Go read and […]

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  20. […] 43rd Carnival of Space is now available on Ethan Siegel’s Starts with a Bang site, entertainingly offered in an […]

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  21. […] Posts Mark your calendars: April 8thBring him to me!Carnival of Space #43: Oscar EditionHow old is the Sun in Galactic years?How did Life on Earth Originate?Q & A: Why is the Microwave […]

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  22. […] Feature. And then a few categories you’ve never heard of, like Best Poem. It’s a great read. Click here to read the Carnival of Space #43 And if you’re interested in looking back, here’s an archive to all the past carnivals of space. If […]

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  23. Hey, I think you forgot to link to Paul (of Centauri Dreams) article by accident.

    Instead it points to this article (which explained why I kept clicking it and your site kept reappearing).

    Aside from that, its good to see so many participants in the Carnival! Now I have to mention it to my readers on my site! Cheers!

    Comment by Darnell Clayton — March 2, 2008 #

  24. Thanks Darnell! (And sorry Paul.) That’s fixed now. And yes, the carnival has been getting about two dozen entries each week for the past three weeks!

    Comment by ethan — March 2, 2008 #

  25. […] Carnival of Space #43: Oscar Edition […]

    Pingback by Sorting Out Science » Blog Archive » Carnivalia — March 5, 2008 #

  26. Hi Frend

    Comment by JN — April 19, 2008 #

  27. […] (Image from Starts with a Bang) […]

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  28. […] The Carnival of Space: Oscar Edition, where I hosted the Carnival of Space and made up crazy awards for each participant. Still the most commented-on post on this website. […]

    Pingback by U-Haulin’ it and the Haul Hall of Fame | Starts With A Bang! — June 27, 2008 #

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    Starts With A Bang! - Part 56…

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