Weekend Diversion: Here comes the Robot Apocalypse!

“You will be able to program a robot to follow a track on the ground and manipulate a hand. You can also write little programs that will give the robots goals.” –Bill Budge

Ever since the very first robots were conceived, the robot apocalypse — or a time where the robots will become intelligent enough to rise up and overthrow their human creators — has gripped the popular imagination. Have a listen to Wyclef Jean’s song,


while you ponder the implications of this great find.


A creative artificial intelligence (AI) engine, Angelina, can design and create its own videogames. It was tasked with creating a videogame specifically designed for humans to play, and — as it were — given complete creative control.

What did it create?


A space-themed, classic action platformer, where the goal is to collect keys, jumping power-ups, and find the terminals across three levels in order for your character, a spaceman of some sort, to escape from the space station.

Oh, did I mention that while this is going on, invincible, murderous, sentient robots relentlessly attack you? And also, they’re really good at it? And also, you have no weapons?

All you can do is get hit, and get hit, and get hit, and be thankful that Angelina allows you to get hit as many times as she wants to hit you (and it will be a lot) without dying?


Victory never felt so much like escaping with your life, lucky that the robot playing cat-and-mouse with you allowed you to live another day. (But perhaps that’s all part of the diabolical plan?)

Go ahead and play for yourself; the apocalypse is neigh, I tell you!

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  1. Too late. Already happened. According to Flight of the Conchords in their song “Robots,” it happened in “the distant future, the year 2000.” They used poisonous gases. 🙂

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