A New Adventure for a New Year!

“Actually, I wasn’t happy or sad. I was medium. And medium is the happiest that I’ll ever be.” –Axe Cop It’s been an amazing journey over the years, sharing the joys and wonders of the Universe with you. From the smallest subatomic particles, the most fundamental interactions and the shortest timescales imaginable to the stars, galaxies, … Read moreA New Adventure for a New Year!

What is this all about?

“You don’t use science to show that you’re right, you use science to become right.” –Randall of xkcd In January of 2008, I began writing this blog, Starts With A Bang, both for myself and for all of you, because we all have something in common. The same planet, the same heavens, the same laws of nature and the … Read moreWhat is this all about?