Get Your Galaxy in Gear!

“We don’t understand how a single star forms, yet we want to understand how 10 billion stars form.” –Carlos Frenk The Universe has been around for a long time: nearly 14 billion years, to the best of our knowledge. When it was very young, there were absolutely zero stars in it, while today, there are hundreds … Read moreGet Your Galaxy in Gear!

Weekend Diversion: The Best Falling Stars of the Year

“Stuff that’s hidden and murky and ambiguous is scary because you don’t know what it does.” –Jerry Garcia Earlier this month, one of my favorite musical artist of all-time would have turned seventy. This weekend, I’m off at a fantastic music festival where they’re celebrating the life of Jerry Garcia, and in addition to being the … Read moreWeekend Diversion: The Best Falling Stars of the Year