Faster-Than-Light II: Information?

To follow up on the faster than light post here, let’s ask another question: If you can make a way of transferring information that doesn’t involve matter, is that information limited by the speed of light? First off, let’s go over what information is, and then we’ll talk about how transferring information without matter is … Read moreFaster-Than-Light II: Information?

Faster-than-light travel: is it possible?

Apparently, this is becoming a good place for people to get their questions answered! My friend Brian, recently wanted to know what the possibilities were for faster-than-light travel. Specifically, he was interested in it because he wants humans to do it. Brian: but otherwise how will we ever have a civilization like that in Star … Read moreFaster-than-light travel: is it possible?

Brain-damaged arguments and Boltzmann Brains

Okay, so I got a question from my friend Tamara, who’s a high school teacher in my hometown of New York City. It concerns a recent article she read on the front page of the New York Times about something funny that us scientists are calling Boltzmann Brains. I’ve read this article three times since … Read moreBrain-damaged arguments and Boltzmann Brains

Question: The Milky Way to an outsider…?

I got a great question earlier today from my buddy Zrinka, and decided to figure out the answer for her, and also for myself. She asks: Ethan, is it possible to know, or better to say to imagine somehow how our galaxy looks from outside? What a simple-sounding question! After all, we know what the … Read moreQuestion: The Milky Way to an outsider…?