America’s Previous Coast-To-Coast Eclipse Almost Proved Einstein Right (Synopsis)

“Astronomers are greatly disappointed when, having traveled halfway around the world to see an eclipse, clouds prevent a sight of it; and yet a sense of relief accompanies the disappointment.” –Simon Newcomb On August 21st, a total solar eclipse will travel coast-to-coast across the United States, bringing darkness during the day to portions of 14 … Read more

The sights, safety, and science of the great american eclipse (Synopsis)

“…and the Sun has perished out of heaven, and an evil mist hovers over all.” -Homer’s Odyssey The great american eclipse is coming, and you’re in luck! This astronomical sight is unlike anything else that occurs on Earth (or any rocky planet in the Solar System), and there are three incredible stories that it teaches … Read more

Trump’s NASA Budget Eliminates Education Office, Plunging America Into The Dark (Synopsis)

“First Rate People hire first rate people. Second rate people hire third rate people.” -Hermann Weyl So, here we are, encountering one another on the internet. There’s a really good chance that this is because you have some interest in space, science, astronomy, astrophysics, or some related area. Although I am an astrophysicist with a … Read more