Comments of the Week #180: From the planets Kepler missed to the NASA photos that changed the world

“We do not realize what we have on Earth until we leave it.” -Jim Lovell Well, the Scienceblogs comments are still on the fritz, requiring me to manually un-spam them one-at-a-time, but Starts With A Bang! is still going strong with some fabulous stories based on the best knowledge we have! This next week is poised to … Read more

Double Comments of the Week #178: From Point Particles To The Very First Galaxies Of All

“I see now that the circumstances of one’s birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.” -Mewtwo, Pokemon (via Takeshi Shudo) After a week of commenting technical difficulties here on Scienceblogs, Starts With A Bang!‘s Comments of the Week series is back with a vengeance! I’m … Read more

Comments of the Week #177: From Nuclear Power and Weapons to God Playing Dice in the Sun

“There are two problems for our species’ survival – nuclear war and environmental catastrophe – and we’re hurtling towards them. Knowingly.” ―Noam Chomsky Well, another week of science has gone by, here at Starts With A Bang! and everywhere else in the world, and while we’re down one space mission from the start of the week (Cassini), … Read more

Comments of the Week #176: From making heavy elements to why the sky is blue

“In the media age, everybody was famous for 15 minutes. In the Wikipedia age, everybody can be an expert in five minutes. Special bonus: You can edit your own entry to make yourself seem even smarter.” ―Stephen Colbert It’s been another fun-and-fact-filled week here at Starts With A Bang! (And did you know I have a wikipedia page? … Read more

Comments of the Week #173: From quantum uncertainty to Earth’s final total solar eclipse

“It will shine still brighter when night is about you. May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out.” ―Galadriel, LOTR, J.R.R. Tolkien The scientific stories we’ve covered this week have been out-of-this-world here at Starts With A Bang! But the greatest show is still to come. Right now, I’m on … Read more

Comments of the Week #172: From sodium-and-water to the most dangerous comet of all

“Life is not a miracle. It is a natural phenomenon, and can be expected to appear whenever there is a planet whose conditions duplicate those of the Earth.” ―Harold Urey It’s been yet another fascinating week of scientific stories here at Starts With A Bang! But as of the last 48 hours, there’s something I absolutely have … Read more