An amazing video on Evolution and Intelligent Design

Evolution, creationism, and intelligent design are words that many people have extremely strong opinions about. Regardless of how you feel about why the laws of nature are what they are, which have evidently allowed us to exist, the evidence for the validity of the theory of evolution with one major mechanism being natural selection is … Read more

MOND vs. Dark Matter

The first serious advocate of modifying Newton’s laws instead of postulating unseen (or dark) matter was Moti Milgrom, from whom today a new article appears on the astrophysics preprint archives. In particular, Milgrom asserts the following: MOND predictions imply that baryons alone accurately determine the full field of each and every individual galactic object. These … Read more

What is that Background?

Taking a look at the background picture, and wondering what it is?  It’s the Bullet Cluster, also known to astronomers as 1E 0657-56. What’s so special about it? Well, these are actually two galaxy clusters that are in the process of merging, and are colliding with one another! Although this is very cool (and rare) in … Read more