LIGO’s Black Holes Probably Did Not Come From One Star (Synopsis)

“Even if the Fermi detection is a false alarm, future LIGO events should be monitored for accompanying light irrespective of whether they originate from black hole mergers. Nature can always surprise us.” -Avi Loeb Ever since LIGO first announced the direct detection of gravitational waves from two merging black holes, the physics and astronomy community … Read more

Comments of the Week #99: From “scientific” theories to what the Universe expands into

“Here’s an analogy. The Universe is expanding the way your mind is expanding. It’s not expanding into anything; you’re just getting less dense.” -Katie Mack Excitement about the Universe in general — and gravitational waves in particular — is still peaking here at Starts With A Bang. Did you catch everything we covered this past week? Here’s what you … Read more