Real Science and Health News: From a Truth Vigilante

“If people decide they’re going to deny the facts of history and the facts of science and technology, there’s not much you can do with them. For most of them, I just feel sorry that we failed in their education.” –Harrison Schmitt Last year, I asked a simple question with no easy answer: Whom Do … Read moreReal Science and Health News: From a Truth Vigilante

Defeating Hubble, from the ground!

“The Earth’s atmosphere is an imperfect window on the universe… atmospheric turbulence blurs the images of celestial objects, even when they are viewed through the most powerful ground-based telescopes.” –John Bahcall There’s no doubt that the Hubble Space Telescope has given us some of the most spectacular, high resolution views of the Universe. From the … Read moreDefeating Hubble, from the ground!