How to be a good GREAT teacher

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” –William Arthur Ward Every so often, people get up-in-arms about teaching and education in college. New studies come out, new methods are touted and tried, curricula get revised, and pretty much everyone gets criticized. Anyone familiar with the undergraduate … Read moreHow to be a good GREAT teacher

The First Globular Cluster Outside of Our Galaxy

“This nebula had such a resemblance to a comet in its form and brightness that I endeavored to find others, so that astronomers would not confuse these same nebulae with comets just beginning to shine.” –Charles Messier Astronomers have been scouring the skies for new discoveries since long before the invention of the telescope. Why, … Read moreThe First Globular Cluster Outside of Our Galaxy

Defining the Big Bang

“As far as I see, such a theory [of the Big Bang] remains entirely outside any metaphysical or religious question. It leaves the materialist free to deny any transcendental Being. He may keep, for the bottom of space-time, the same attitude of mind he has been able to adopt for events occurring in non-singular places … Read moreDefining the Big Bang