What Newton’s 3 Laws Can Teach You

“If I have ever made any valuable discoveries, it has been due more to patient attention, than to any other talent.” –Isaac Newton Born the year Galileo died, Isaac Newton is one of the most revered figures in all of physics. In addition to the work he did on optics, planetary motion and gravitation, Newton … Read more

The Facts on Solar Storms

“Leading scientists are warning that a massive solar storm could trigger a $2 trillion ‘global Katrina’ that short-circuits power grids worldwide.” –Lesley Taylor If you’ve been keeping up with your online news lately, you may have heard that, undoubtedly, an impending Solar Storm will cause hundreds of billions — if not trillions — of dollars … Read more

Who Wants to Be A Planet?

“I have announced this star as a comet, but since it is not accompanied by any nebulosity and, further, since its movement is so slow and rather uniform, it has occurred to me several times that it might be something better than a comet. But I have been careful not to advance this supposition to … Read more

The Coolest Star. Literally.

“It seems like once people grow up, they have no idea what’s cool.” –Bill Watterson Well, at least we can all agree on what’s not cool. The Sun. With a surface temperature of around 6,000 Kelvins, the Sun is one of the hottest objects that we’re all familiar with. But when it comes to stars, … Read more